Engineer. Creating companies and cutting-edge tech.

Based in London, UK since 2016 🇬🇧


At Meta, 2016–2022 I built Spark AR platform (IG/FB camera filters, creation tools on mobile and desktop), Polar app and was an engineer @ Oculus platform.

First hire at MSQRD, the company acquired by Facebook in March 2016 when I was still in university. I had to drop out and move to London to continue integrating MSQRD into Facebook. The app had 50+ million MAU and its peak.

Before MSQRD, I was a mobile engineer at Toggl in Estonia. I had experience working for a mobile studio out of NY - Touchappmedia.

First success company I co-founded without any investments is “Dry Fire Timer” in 2013, which hit profitability in 1 month after the launch and still trumps my personal effort:value ratio.

Activities and more

  • Angel investments
  • Advising early stage companies and startups


  • Medicine
  • Playing instruments, such as piano and accordeon
  • Running, sports, hikes


  • 2013–2017, Computer Science (basics)
  • Courses on ML, Algorithms and Engineering Management within Meta


  • In 2019, recognized as an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology by the Tech Nation and the UK Government