Life goes year by year

2019 Exceptional Talent in Technology by the UK Government
2017 FTE Engineer @ Meta & moved to London 🇬🇧
2016 MSQRD is acquired by Facebook (now Meta)
2015 Mobile engineer @ Toggl, first engineer at MSQRD
2014 Engineer at Humtap, TouchAppMedia
2013 Founded Dry Fire Timer and more iOS apps
2012 Active freelance iOS and macOS activity
2011 Freelance work whole summer for $300/month to buy first MacBook Air
2010 Finished secondary school in , ~USA 8 Grade

2013-Current Travel Timeline Here


At Meta, 2016–2022 I built Spark AR platform (IG/FB camera filters, creation tools on mobile and desktop), Polar app and was an engineer @ Oculus platform.

First hire at MSQRD, the company acquired by Facebook in March 2016 when I was still in university. I had to drop out and move to London to continue integrating MSQRD into Facebook. The app had 50+ million MAU and its peak.

Before MSQRD, I was a mobile engineer at Toggl in Estonia. I had experience working for a mobile studio out of NY - Touchappmedia.

First success company I co-founded without any investments is “Dry Fire Timer” in 2013, which hit profitability in 1 month after the launch and still trumps my personal effort:value ratio.

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