After experimenting with supplements with total cost over 10,000GBP over 5 years, trying more than 200-300 modes & supplements… Black Seed Oil (BSO next) tops my list. The one I would take with me everywhere. If I go somewhere, I ship it to the hotel before coming there.

Illustration before we start

From “Black Cumin (Nigella sativa L.): A Comprehensive Review on Phytochemistry, Health Benefits, Molecular Pharmacology, and Safety”: image

Personal outcomes

  • Healed D2 dopamine disregulation, got off synthentic stuff in the end
  • Balanced lipid status (<1% oxidised LDL, great HDL/Cholesterol status)
  • hsCRP = < 0.02 (zero inflammation)
  • Healed social anxiety, fear of public speaking is now gone (therapy did not work, it was a chemical issue)
  • Great GABA calming effects, promotes social interaction, I naturally want to talk and socialise and feel joyful
  • Balances my serotonine and dopamine status well (assessed over time through Braverman Personality Type Assessment)
    • Taking >10ml dose definitely gets my dopamine going, effect very similar to taking a microdose of Cabergoline (prescription-only synthentic drug, don’t take it), producing vivid colours in the world, music is enjoyable, senses are clearer

General context

  • Have to start really small dose and ramp it up
  • If high dose is taken it’s going to feel like the train hit you
    • Happened to a few friends of mine, so be(!!) prepared to feel like shit for a while espeically if your diet/health is off
    • Immune system is overwhelmed to clear bacterial, viral toxins in case your health is far from perfect
    • Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction

Personal context

  • I now take 10ml a day of 6% volatlie oil
    • First time I took 2% volatile oil I was in bed with flu-like symptoms for 2 days, I took 5ml which was too much - carefully ramp it up to help body adapt
  • I love the taste but for new users it’s going to taste awful, especially if your microbiome/gut/diet is broken, that’s why you have to start small, it tastes REALLY bad (top-1 worst) for people with broken microbiome/gut/any synth. sugar intake>20g
  • Can be applied topically to heal things like cuts and bruises
    • My rule #1: never apply topically what you won’t take orally

Social Media Context

I like to read Reddit, etc. boards where people take the BSO for the first time. Google “Black Seed Oil Reddit” to see what I mean.

This all seems a “too good to be true” situation. This stuff seems powerful and very bioactive.

It’s been like six months since I made the post and still to this day black seed oil is changing my life. It’s eliminated my anxiety. I feel like a new person.

Which brand to take?

I take proven blessed seed oil brand from the UK (theblessedseed), extra strong. Would start from strong/mild, to be honest.

Have not taked any other brands (from iHerb, etc.) but know there are many fakes and you have to read reviews & test carefully.

Normal shop oil volatile content is around 1-2% which is mild to my taste, I prefer extra strong after ramping up over months and months which is 6%.

Definitely store closed (prevent oxidation) and away from the sunlight. Rule applies to most oils you consume.

Toxicity Profile

I take a big dose of extra strong one (6% volatile, 2% is the normal shop BSO content) of 10ml -> approximately 0.125ml/kg against 80kg body. Which is way below any reported toxicity for the huge dose.

There are a lot of studies on safety and toxicity that you could google and find.

For example:

Administration of NS oil (5 mL/day) to healthy volunteers for 8 weeks was reported not to have any notable liver, kidney, or gastrointestinal side effects PMC5633670

You’d probably have to drink a lot of oil to harm yourself but there are diminishing returns to increasing the dose so I cap mine 10ml @ 6% per day max. Would I benefit if I take more? Maybe. I do take a bit more when not feeling best or flying through airports.

Rats, mice experiments:



Some interesting HIV data on BSO removing HIV-RNA load over 1-3 years: PMC3847425


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